We Texture BD  strongly focus on code of conduct before placing order with any suppliers. We follow several steps to choose our suppliers. At Texture BDl, we take respect for human rights, compliance with ILO labour laws and environmental protection very seriously. In our own operations we are committed to upholding high standards and to continuous improvement. We also recognize that our business has an impact on environmental and social aspects far beyond our own immediate operations. It is therefore important for us to select business partners that share our commitment to ethical and environmental practices and agree to our standards of business conduct.Texture BD Code of Conduct for suppliers lists the minimum requirements for supplier performance pertaining to human rights, labour rights, environmental management and anti-corruption. These requirements are applicable to Texture BD’s suppliers as well as our own production facilities. It is a negotiable requirement from our side that all our suppliers should follow this code. It isTexture BD policy to (whenever technically feasible) maintain longstanding business partnerships with our suppliers. We are confident that the Texture BD Code of Conduct for Suppliers will work to the benefit of all affected stakeholders: Your Company, your employees, our company, our employees, and the many companies that buy Texture BD’s products. By adhering to high standards for social and environmental performance our companies may remain as attractive business partners on a highly competitive market.