Sustainability has always been a key part of  TextureBD and we are also committed to maintain  corporate culture. Our corporate sustainability strategy integrates actions that aim to improve the sustainability of our own operations and facilities and the work we do with suppliers, customers and industry partners to continually upgrade the sustainability of our global supply chain. In short, our vision is to use resources efficiently; to add business value for our customers and their suppliers; to focus on the health and well being of our colleagues; and to positively impact our communities and societies.

Any supplier, direct or indirect needs to sign on our company code of conduct form. We do a physical inspection before the production starts and also visit frequently during production. After the tragic building collapse in Bangladesh in 2013 now we are stricter to our suppliers in terms of following our company Code of Conduct. If any of our suppliers fails to follow the Code of Conduct , we immediately cancel our order. Transparency is also very important to us. We always try our best to be transparent to our customers and suppliers. During production we provide regular feedback to our customers. We also maintain transparency when it comes to quality and delivery time.